Death is a topic many of us would prefer to avoid. It’s a hard truth, and a conversation that makes us uncomfortable, leaving us grappling with our mortality. But the fact remains – it’s an inevitable part of our life cycle.

I consider myself blessed to have people in my life with whom I can broach this sensitive subject. Their openness, courage, and understanding have enriched my life and provided me with insights that go beyond the surface of our daily interactions. These conversations are often raw and emotional, but they also help us comprehend the impermanence of life and allow us to prepare for what lies ahead.

One might wonder, why is it crucial to discuss something as grim as death? The answer lies in the understanding and acceptance of our mortality, which not only impacts how we live our lives but also shapes how we wish to depart from this world.

Screenshot of tweet: Wine nights with friends are so important because that's when you find out who wants to be buried and who wants to be cremated

I came across the above tweet which really underscores an essential truth – our preferences for our final rites are as unique and personal as our lives.

Beneath the humor is a meaningful conversation about end-of-life wishes, a discussion that is often pushed aside until it’s too late. These conversations, while difficult, can be deeply fulfilling. They provide clarity about our desires for our final chapter, which can bring peace of mind to ourselves and our loved ones when the time comes.

My journey as a death doula has brought me to a profound understanding of this reality, which I now see as my life’s purpose. I’ve committed myself to helping others have this critical conversation with their families and friends. By opening up about our mortality, we allow ourselves to live more fully, knowing that our end-of-life wishes will be respected and carried out.

So, I encourage you, in the quiet moments, perhaps over a glass of wine with friends or a cup of tea with family, to broach the subject. You may be surprised by the closeness it fosters and the peace it brings.

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