The end-of-life journey is a deeply personal and often challenging time. It’s essential to navigate this experience with understanding, respect, and a clear sense of your loved one’s wishes. However, without professional guidance, this can often become a confusing and overwhelming process.

The graphic below illustrates the substantial difference a Death Doula can make in this journey. It compares common experiences families have without a Doula and how the scenario changes significantly for the better with a Death Doula’s involvement.

An infographic comparing end-of-life care with and without a death doula

Without a Doula, families oftentimes have to guess the desires of loved ones. They may find themselves getting lost in the number of care options. They may be told by people they work with that their desires aren’t possible or are inappropriate. They oftentimes default to following “normal” ceremony protocols for their loved ones.

With a Death Doula, families work from advance care directives prepared ahead of time by their loved one. They are given resources and directed to professionals that will support their loved one’s desires. Advocacy for the dying is practiced, and client rights are respected. Creativity and unique flare is able to be reflected in ceremony in support of their loved one’s desires.

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